We go for the assist.

Square One Financial Services, Inc. offers support services that complement and enhance legal and services.  We have the expertise and the tools to step in when it comes to evaluating and assessing the financial environment of a divorce to provide peace of mind and to better equip you with the facts needed to ensure a positive outcome for your client.   Whether this comes in the form of focused a la carte services or more comprehensive litigation support services, we can help.

A CDFA® professional can:

  • Complete the detailed divorce financial planning work for you, making case preparation and settlement easier
  • Provide in-depth analysis of the short- and long-term financial effects of a proposed settlement
  • Work as a consultant or expert witness

How can a Professional Divorce Financial Planner help a Family Law Lawyer?

CDFA® professionals help lawyers and their divorcing clients address the special financial issues of divorce with data that can help achieve equitable settlements. A CDFA® professional is trained to:

  • Produce powerful case exhibits in the form of spreadsheets and graphs
  • Give lawyers professional support to make sure they've covered all the financial “bases”
  • Provide litigation support to divorce lawyers
  • Serve as a financial expert on divorce cases
  • Analyze the financial implications of different divorce settlement proposals
  • Create a rock-solid personal financial analysis for the client
  • Make sure the client understands the short-term and long-term financial impact of different settlement proposals

A CDFA® professional can help the client understand:

  • Separate vs. Marital property
  • Valuing and dividing property
  • Debt, credit, and bankruptcy
  • Retirement and pensions
  • Spousal and child support
  • Options for the Matrimonial Home
  • Divorce tax problems and solutions

A CDFA® professional can help lawyers achieve the fairest, most financially equitable divorce settlement possible for their clients.


Please inquire with us for a fee schedule based on your specific needs.