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Our Process For Couples Who Can Work Together

couples without legal representation relying only on legal support for forms & filing

It is always our preference to work with couples who are amicable.  Couples who are able to take this route can often benefit from an accelerated and less stressful process.  Using this approach, we can work with both parties, without the need of an attorney, to act as a neutral party to gather information, evaluate and discuss potential settlement scenarios and compile a final term sheet that can then be translated to the proper legal documentation for filing with the court system.  

We will work side by side with you both as a couple until a win-win outcome is reached that both partners are satisfied with.  Our interactions will be a combination of in-person meetings, phone calls and emails or even Skype calls, depending on your needs and working styles and can meet with each of you together or separately. 

Other Approaches

couples who have secured legal representation

Maybe you have already attempted to work with your spouse or have determined that it just is not an option have have both sought attorneys to help you through the process.  This may or may not mean that you will not be able to reach agreement without litigation, but you have both sought legal representation.  This is very common.  In this case, we work with individuals as a neutral in conjunction with their attorney, or are directly contracted by an attorney for specific analysis to ensure a fact-based financial advocate exists for clients and that all bases are covered.  Sometimes financial situations can be complex and while attorneys may be well-versed in what they do, it can be beneficial to all involved to seek proper and expert financial support.