What We Do

  • We deliver affordable, divorce-specific and fact-based financial guidance
  • We work side-by-side with couples as a financial neutral or individuals as a financial advocate
  • We aid you to reach fair & equitable financial settlement agreements outside of court
  • We collaborate with family law attorneys on marriage dissolution cases and litigation
  • We help you understand and navigate the financial complexities of divorce
  • We provide peace of mind that financial matters are being thoroughly addressed 



We provide creative and affordable solutions that significantly lower the risk, stress and cost associated with the financial aspects of divorce.

We minimize complexity, time and stress.

Divorce is an extremely unpleasant life disruption that no one has time for.  It can be confusing, overwhelming and can its toll on the best of us.  While we understand the emotional hardship of divorce, we also believe the financial matters of the process can be simplified in a way that lowers complexity, decreases time spent on settlements and paperwork, and as a result, lessens the stress you personally have to endure.

We achieve this through the development of a streamlined process that is clear and easy to understand.  This simplified process enables us to provide benefits to you such as:

  • Minimal meetings & time commitment - Depending on the level of alignment between spouses, typically most cases can be handled with a time commitment of less than three hours from my clients.  
  • Flexible meeting options - With today's modern technology we have the flexibility to perform our working sessions in any way that works for you.  Whether it is a traditional in-person meeting, a conference call, or a Skype meeting, we're happy to accommodate what works best for you.
  • Minimal attorney involvement - If spouses are highly agreeable, cases can be handled with literally zero attorney involvement.  However, in some cases it is advisable to use an attorney.  We have resources in place that can also provide focused and cost-effective legal advice and documentation needs when these situations arise.
  • Cloud-based data sharing - Since we utilize cloud-based document sharing, it is easy for you to provide us with the financial data we need in a simple and user-friendly way.

We produce maximized, creative and customized outcomes.

We are experts in Divorce Financial Planning and believe that divorce can be simplified and as a result, less stressful.  A significant part of the divorce process is determining and dividing marital assets and liabilities which becomes enforceable by a judge.  Put very simply, the core of our work is to analyze the facts of your personal financial situation and help you determine the best (and most creative) way to split the pie--which in few cases means splitting everything right down the middle.

The value we add to your divorce process comes from our ability to:

  • Take the time and effort to genuinely understand the goals and needs of you and/or your spouse
  • Set the right tone and expectations for settlement discussions with a clear, neutral and realistic picture of your "financial current state"
  • Implement expert analysis & divorce-specific problem-solving to generate creative and actionable settlement scenarios developed to achieve established goals and needs
  • Guide you and/or your spouse through financial mediation using to keep costs low and keep you out of court

We only charge for what you actually need.

Traditionally, many divorcing individuals have felt that you have to rely solely on an attorney to shoulder through a divorce or that it is all or nothing.  This isn't true anymore.  The most cost and quality-savvy divorcing couples and individuals are now resourcefully identifying and diagnosing where specialized help is needed to ensure number one, they have identified the best person to do the job and number two, they aren't overpaying.  This may mean using several resources, but in the right way and cost-effectively.

Our flat fee services are curated around the value of marital assets subject to settlement which allows us to customize pricing to align to the level of complexity associated with your unique case.  Most importantly, going into the process you know exactly what you will be paying for, with no unnecessary surprises or unexpected bills.